About Melior Resources

Welcome to Melior Resources Inc.

Melior Resources Inc. (Melior) is a TSX Venture Exchange listed company focussed on assessing, developing and operating resource projects.

Melior’s major asset is the Goondicum Ilmenite and Apatite Mine (Goondicum) located at Monto in Queensland, Australia.

Melior also has a 6% share holding in the TSXV listed Asian Mineral Resources Limited (AMR). AMR is the owner and operator of the Ban Phuc nickel project in Vietnam. Ban Phuc has previously been in production and has significant infrastructure in place.  This project provides exposure prospective for nickel exploration.

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is a titanium dioxide (TiO2) mineral which is used primarily in the production of pigments for paints, coatings, inks, plastics and other products. TiO2 feedstocks, including ilmenite, are used in the pigment production process due to its ability to impart brightness, opacity, strength and durability to the pigment. Pigment production and consumption is generally considered to have a high correlation to GDP growth, disposable income and the general wealth of consuming regions.


is a form of phosphate rock used to produce phosphate based fertilizers and animal feed supplements. Phosphate in fertilizer is essential for root and stem development in plants. There is no substitute for phosphate in agriculture and Goondicum’s apatite is ideally suited to organic fertiliser manufacturing and the manufacture of single super phosphate.